How to work in this site

This is very simple work you will get image format data on your mail AND you have to type that data in text format on Ms word. After typing the data send the text file on mail. after sending given text file you will get another text file. if don't understand then watch demo video.


After the payment of service charge you will recieve your selected project on your mail ID. project will be in Pdf format. You have to type project on text format.

Word Document

You have to type the data in word document on ms word or wordpad. Each data each page. You can use any font size, font-style or allignment.


After the basic payout you can put the withdraw request on mail there you will get the withdrawal format. Then you will be paid in 7days.


There is a basic earning for every plan. After the earning of basic amount then only you can withdraw.check the basic payout of every plan in the plans page.